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words to walk with

of late and without hate
a date to contemplate
let your mind create
unwind from the deterioration of your excuses

don’t catch whispers of spies
and double marmalade pies
extend and mend
to defend your beating breathless heart

evoke and choke
your essence
you quit making sense
now re-situate your mentality and debate

your existence
and minds subsistence
of a regurgitated forgotten sense
your skin has gone dense


5 Wild Presidents

Crailtap and the We Love You So site had a cool contest for the upcoming movie, Where the Wild Things Are. A film directed by Spike Jonze and co-written with Dave Eggers. The orignial book by Maurice Sendak from 1963. For my entry I decided I would add some wildness to the oval office. The movie opens October 16.

Eggers wrote a wonderful opening to Donald Barthalme’s Forty Stories and has published other books. I mention Barthalme since he is one of my favorite writers, whom I first discovered through one of the New Yorker’s fiction podcasts. I listened to that podcast a few times, repeatedly back in September of 2007. During my drive from New England to LA and have re-listened to it several times since. Seemed only fitting, the story was about a man who bought a town in Texas. So, with the picture above I figured I would bring a bit of levity and humor to an office that of late has been under massive pressure domestically and internationally.