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Aqui Estamos. Here we are.

From time to time I come across articles online that ring true to me. This is one particular case, writer Carlos Maldonado from El Pais just wrote a great article a few days ago titled:

El poeta latinoamericano ya no hace la revolución

The setting is Granda, Nicaragua home of the Festival Internacional de Poesía with authors like Ernesto Cardenal y Giaconda Belli it’s great indepth look at where has poetry gone, what has it evolved into. Well, personally for me I agree it’s more personal, less romantic for the large swaths of people to use for an agenda for political motives. It’s come back to the personal, to the present. In my case, it has traveled with me away from Nicaragua and to the United States of America. Where Latin America exists within this country…to me we take our culture where we go, and as we evolve so does the idea of our poetry and our cultural norms. We have become a hybird injunction of a cross roads of cultures where global studies prevail and the awareness of our planet insists our movement towards the personal, the instant, the right now.

Anyways, its a great read. Thank you Carlos Maldonado for investigating and asking the question. I highly recommend it and for me it has help to light a fire to announce. Yes, Here I am. Aqui estoy!

yo te amo
yo te espero
yo jamas te olvido
te queiro
mi tierra y sangre.

free dome free flow


they spoke out and flaunted
the spoke in your bike has a baseball card that evokes your inner memory for a future scene.
energy bounces and gets swallowed
the star in the sky has a comet approaching it and will destroy the entire future around it.