Miami Marlins, really. really.

Breaking my heart, before even the first pitch.

I remember clearly the day Charlie Hough, threw that first pitch for the Florida Marlins in Miami. It was a sweet moment, finally a team for the city I grew up in. Growing up, we were forced fed the NY Yankees on the local affiliates, the only good thing about that channel was Kung Fu Theater every Thursday night.  We also had, the the Cubs via WGN and the Braves via TBS. The Braves announcers were oddly boring and never justified the drama that is baseball. The Cubs of course had Harry and Steve Sloan, legends. Of course they didn’t have lights installed back in the 80’s so I missed most games. So, we never really had a home team. But, I did love baseball nonetheless.

Charlie Hough!

So back to the heartbreak, the news reported by @jeffpassan  @Yahoo read HERE is very sad to hear. The 2.4 billion loan to be payed back over 40 years on tax payers back, the city commissioners never requesting to see the Marlins financials. Rumors of corruption and bribery. Oh, no here we go again Miami, breaking my heart again.

Anyways, it’s a very intriguing read and with new stadium and finally the correct name, Miami Marlins, the blemish is disheartening.

I think back to the Marlins en Miami store just near Coral Gables and on 8th St.and I always felt that way. This was our team, our town. Now thousands of miles away hearing the

news, bring a bitterness to my day. 

I sincerely, hope they can bring to justice any wrong doings and in the process win back the fans hearts.
This one certainly, is in need of amends.