savage creatures from clouds

Sometimes, life doesn’t quite come into focus. Even when you put on your glasses on. Things, still see a bit off. In the case of this drawing – one thing becomes clear. I need my scanner.
With life, every rotating, I have always dreamed that our best gift to one another is love. Sometimes, this notion can become vague and abstract. Yet, it is with our compassion that we can build a series of acts that can build a legacy toward achieving your dreams.
For some of us the love we aspire to is reflected in many different and unique ways. Yet, we all inquire and give away our actions to inspire those around us. Walking away from love is the ultimate test, we can ever endure and participate upon. At some point we will have to encourage our collective reason and conscious to start anew.
Finishing, The Savage Detectives from Roberto Bolano, I discovered one fundamental essence to our native existence. That truth will shine a road to our destiny and define our lives.
These fun, little, and harmless creatures live within my imagination to serve up a story of never forgetting to focus in my truth. The creative lines that randomly appear on paper upon listening to music are certain to be a re-collection of my inner dreams.
Names like Gondor the Wingless rooster. Thender the ominous cloud. Marlot the metal grifter.
A story awaits. I feel a front approaching. (Tom Waits – inspired)