digital lion in C#

Drawing has always been one of the most relaxing things I’ve found to do. It clears my mind and allows for other thoughts to flow. Since, writing is my true passion this at times helps to get the creative juices flowing if you will. One thing I have noticed over time is that in all the notebooks I’ve ever owned, you’ll always find a drawing of some sort. I am clearly now focusing all my drawing to this new medium and with time I am looking into creating some animations for these that will explore space and time as another assault on the senses.

Today, I discovered that close friends and family of mine were in Haiti and have traveled to Haiti since it’s devastating earthquake. So, with that thought and this drawing I find my solace in a subtle tribute to the strength and will of those that have suffered and to those that have gone beyond what’s imaginable to help with those in need.

So, this drawing initiates a new set of images over on Flickr, which is basically my random drawings, photographed with my iPhone and then worked on in a digital setting. The reason I’ve added the c# is because I happened to be listening to a Beethoven sonata in that key.

digital lion