The Happy Hollows

The Happy Hollows played with an energy and grit that defines how their music and sound is fundamental to this aspect of their style. Watching them tonight at Spaceland, was a welcome joy. A combination of solid gear and such fine balanced use of the instruments clearly stated that these musicians and artists are finely tuned into their relationship musically on stage. Thanks for sharing your energy and love for music. They got one more Monday in there month long residency. Check them out if you get a chance and trust me you’ll be delighted to get a glimpse at raw, creative, and grooving music the Happy Hollows.

The Drums, here on the left also played last night and were just as energetic and fun to watch. Some great songs and catchy pop-punk-disco-funk. Yeah, I guess I just combined those all for them. Every once in awhile, things like that just happen.Well, the back-up singers were a great touch and provided a grounded balance to the rest of the band, as they bounced around and played music. The entire place was dancing and a buzz with original jams, albeit familiar sounds. They are from NYC and their energy was contagious.

The Random Patterns also played, but I didn’t find the proper words to express how I felt while watching them. I was more intent on drawing a Happy Hollows poster with crayons or letting this music fill in a background and get to some creative work.