Laguna Seca y Mas

Monterrey and Laguna Seca, were two stops on a well-rounded journey through Central California. Of course, the trip evoked more than just two towns, it also was a chance to observe and enjoy the tranquility of Big Sur. Honestly, spending a week a year at Big Sur, seems like an ideal way to go on vacation. Without, ever leaving California. It’s a unique place and place definitely worth preserving for future generations.This trip was a wonderful chance two see a couple friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. Those, are the best the ones that are always there as if nothings changed.

Well, this photo that I posted is nothing more than the last half of the race; dark, overcast and spotted with a mix of rain and fog. The ambiance of the shot certainly, got the crowd moving back home sooner than later. The highlight was the sound of the cars and the navigation of these drivers that would scale and climb and race down an impressive road course with massive corners and plenty of straightaways. The entire course is so large getting a picture from every angle seems daunting without the help of a golf cart. Which, I didn’t have. So, bare with me as we delve into the not so greatest of laguna seca’s photos. But, instead into an interesting and peculiar view, or just simply said – my own view.

Being away and back on the road of adventure opened up some of the old days of poetry.

voce : voice

A voice, a shudder your hover.
Quietly and descreetly we bath in the glow of the future
of a
dipped in an alabaster plaster disaster of an escape

i ‘ll never quit alive.