5 Wild Presidents

Crailtap and the We Love You So site had a cool contest for the upcoming movie, Where the Wild Things Are. A film directed by Spike Jonze and co-written with Dave Eggers. The orignial book by Maurice Sendak from 1963. For my entry I decided I would add some wildness to the oval office. The movie opens October 16.

Eggers wrote a wonderful opening to Donald Barthalme’s Forty Stories and has published other books. I mention Barthalme since he is one of my favorite writers, whom I first discovered through one of the New Yorker’s fiction podcasts. I listened to that podcast a few times, repeatedly back in September of 2007. During my drive from New England to LA and have re-listened to it several times since. Seemed only fitting, the story was about a man who bought a town in Texas. So, with the picture above I figured I would bring a bit of levity and humor to an office that of late has been under massive pressure domestically and internationally.