Randomness and Paul Newman

Day that Paul Newman passed away last year. I put on some classic 70’s rock and roll and sat down and looked at a few slideshow’s online. On NPR, NYTimes to mention a few. But, this one photo of him was the one that certainly adhered my attention.

So, on that I started drawing a legendary actor and philanthropist. I was always buying his product, just on the basis of a giving, it made it pretty easy to shop for his causes. It’s a testament to our lives in the way in which we decide on what to do with our blessings or abundancities (might be a new word) of this modern world. Yeah, abundancities, on a level with the great empires of excess. Slowly, we are coming to grips with rising hunger and poverty amongst us. Good to know that during these times dude’s like Paul Newman were still all about giving up and giving away. Reminds, me of one of my all time favorite quotes from The Beatles, who yes are all the rage again with the enormously popular video game, alas…George and John must be content. From Abbey Road, “And, in the end, the love you take/ Is equal to the love you make.”

Think I’ll go visit George’s tree up at Griffith Park this winter.

With that my other sketches on this page represent flamenco dancers, I’m always entralled in thier movements of passionate defiance. Con Duende, dijo Federico Garcia Lorca.

Not to be undone, but this cat must of really been enjoying the classic rock that was drifting over the airwaves.