Saquarema and Arraial do Cabo, Brazil

The combined photos represent a time back in 2003 or 2002. A trip I took out to Brazil with some good friends, in search of waves and discovering an amazing culture. Personally, I’ve always had an intrest in visitng Brazil, for a few reasons. But, the chance to go with a friend who had family was enticing and it was definetley a time to get on the road and explore.

The top picture was a sign posted just oustide the backyard of the Itauna Inn at Saquarema Beach, just an hour or two north of Rio De Janiero. Yes, that backyard faced an epic surfspot, Saquerema. Great to wake up to waves in a lovely sleepy fishing town. I’ve got a few amazing photos from that trip and definetly some good video.

The best part of this place, well were the owners and everybody that was staying at this place. Thank you Lonely Planet , for dialing us in. What I really liked about this sign is the subtle and clear messaging that comes across. It was a very pleaseant experience to visit this town. All the locals were appreciative of their environment and were respectful of the beach. It was refreshing and it just made for a highly enjoyable vacation. I would really recommend you get out there and visit.

The second picture, is from a little drive we took up the coast to a place called Arraial do Cabo, completley amazing town again. This place, was a bit more ready for tourists since they had these tables and umbrellas on the beach for food and drinks. We had some amazing grilled fish after a wicked surf session. In closeout overhead waves. First place, I ever broke a board. The local kids were so stoaked to have that board in it’s two pieces.

Anyways, get out to Brazil and visit the people were friendly where ever we went and though the surf wasn’t epic – the peoples joy for life made up for it by far and really were the joy of the trip.