Kenya and Somalia: the foreboding battleline.

Kind of amazing to imagine a border of 400 miles, roughly a bit larger than the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Not much of a police force that Kenya deploys to maintain that border. This struggle to stop Somalian militias from entering and smuggling goods into Kenya is starting to take it’s toll on honest and hardworking people. The above photo was on the cover of the NYTimes on Weds and I’ve decided to add it my latest series.

What struck me so strongly about the photo was the choice of green that these students were wearing. I find this photo completely amazing, first in its contrast with the brown-faded floor, and the over-presiding tree that symbolically to me represents health and wisdom. There is plenty to compare and contrast between the students and the trees.

They say in neuroscience that our brain connects memories and builds road maps out of pure experience and thought that contribute to our entire process of existing. Our entire, devotion to expression of one’s self to each other. It amazes me that that people across the world have to struggle against the oppression of others be it out of might, intelligence, speed, or pure luck.

Beyond the expansion of our lives, I hope that one day we all understand that the simplest expression and the most instinctual that is inherently intrinsic to us all is out ability to be compassionate and loving towards one another as human beings. Through, the time that passes I only encourage myself to never to stop reflecting on the lives of others less fortunate than myself.

The distance between Los Angeles and Kenya is about 15,410 Kilometers.