Bernanke vs. Quetzalcoatl

Started the evening reading the NY TIMES when I got home from work today. I started to read some the articles on the front page. But, grabbing my sharpie and turning this image of Ben S. Bernanke into another entry into my series of: Drawings vs. Newspapers: How worlds of words and thoughts collide in the subconscious. Seemed quite possibly, the most irresistible proposition of the entire day.

Waking each day to a new discovery has been a pleasant surprise living in Los Angeles. One thing of that I am certain of is the randomness of this city, my thoughts of cultures colliding and my eyes following the lines of the youthful residents of this city. Appreciating the rivers of age that shows on the skin of the elderly. Equally, new faces appear every day, that withhold futures that will tell of new stories of distanced pasts and of future’s unwritten destines. That will be part of a new blood.

With that, our old past times are meeting the new ones of the entire globe. I hope we find a way to unequivocally learn to decipher any hesitations within our instinctual and common approach to progress and truth.